Orion 8.5

Music studio for creating patterns, mixing, and recording with linear songs

Orion is an outstanding and sophisticated music studio which includes 22 different high-quality generators and effect modules, e.g. drum kits, piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass. You can also work with MIDI hardware, third-party VST, and DirectX effects.

Among the included effects are: delays, reverbs, chorus/flanger, phaser, and distortion. You can create and arrange patterns, control the BPM, loop the patterns, and mix the sounds with linear songs all inside one console, where each control can be adjusted individually, e.g., gain, pan, equalization, and more.

The mixes can be recorded in real time to be further edited in the automation editor and piano roll. By selecting the audio output device you can also choose the average response time of the driver selected, the engine options, and the playback rate. The last thing to mention is that Orion has the following minimum requirements: P4/1.4GHz processor, 512 MB ram, 20 MB HDD, 1280x800 video resolution, and a sound card with MME, DX or ASIO drivers.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Mixes can be recorded in real time for being further edited in the automation editor and piano roll
  • Each control can be adjusted individually


  • The trial version has many limitations, e.g. it cannot save songs or export wav files
  • The video resolution has to be 1280x800 at least
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